Every donation goes towards increasing our leadership program and event capabilities to ensure that all of our members can maximize their time in DeMolay.

Thank you for your donation.

"Whatever amount we receive, even if  it is just as much as a daily cup of coffee, makes a huge difference. When you see the growth of the young men in DeMolay and their growing confidence, you recognize that every dollar changes the world for the better."

~ William Gordon, CEO, DeMolay in Arizona

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© 2020 by DeMolay in Arizona, who recognizes and yields allegiance to DeMolay International of which Frank S. Land was Founder.

DeMolay in Arizona enforces a Zero Tolerance policy with regard to the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, hazing or bullying of any kind at any DeMolay function. Violations of risk management, youth protection, or prohibited substance policies will result in suspension or expulsion from DeMolay.