State Officers

Experience through service


State President


Dawson Zaucha was elected the State President at the Annual Arizona DeMolay State Association Congress, virtually held on April 11th, 2020.


He has been a dedicated member of DeMolay since 2015 when he joined Glendale Chapter at the age of 13, eventually serving as Chapter President in 2018. As President, Dawson was awarded the exclusive Centennial Chapter President Meritorious Service Award during DeMolay International’s Centennial Celebration in Kansas City, Missouri for leading the Glendale Chapter to excellence over his term of service. Through his efforts, Dawson was appointed the Region 7 Cabinet Member and served on the Squires Committee for the 53rd International DeMolay Congress. Through his DeMolay career, Dawson has won awards for growing DeMolay, for his memory work, and for his service in the community that all culminated into his selection as DeMolay of the Year in 2018. In 2019, he joined Valley of the Sun Chapter and works with the members and incoming Chapter Presidents on term preparation.


Outside of DeMolay, Dawson actively participated in the marching band at Shadow Ridge High School, becoming a leader within his band and his church’s worship band. He maintained a GPA of 3.5 throughout high school and participated in concert band, jazz band, computer animation, and theatre. He received his Eagle Scout in 2019 after a restoration project to a youth campground fire ring.


Dawson believes that DeMolay provides a unique opportunity as a youth-led organization to all of its members and enjoys aiding soon-to-be leaders in their efforts and goals. As State President, he looks forward to providing that same aid to the members of Arizona DeMolay as a means to improve DeMolay and the lives of each young man.



State Vice President



Alexander Hulstrom was elected the State Vice President at the Annual Arizona DeMolay State Association Congress, virtually held on April 11th, 2020.

Joining the Chandler Chapter in 2015, Alex was instrumental in helping to increase its membership from five members to over 30. He has served on many committees including membership, communications, and fundraising, and eventually moved up to be elected to the position of  Chapter President. Upon the completion of his term, Alex received the Past Chapter President Meritorious Service Award. Shortly after serving in this role at Chandler Chapter, he was then asked to assist in the development of the newly opened Walter L. Page Chapter as the Interim President.

DeMolay has helped Alex develop many skills that helped him maintain a steady 3.4 GPA to earn the Golden Scholars Award. In his local Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter, Alex put his leadership and coordination skills, learned from DeMolay, into his service as Publicity Committee Chairman, Historian, and Treasurer positions.

Alex attributes the perseverance that he has learned through DeMolay as guiding him in his success in FFA and in raising and showing goats, a pastime where has won the Reserve Champion in the Intermediate Novice Goat Showmanship Class in 2019. He also has competed in several Career Development Events including Floriculture, Forestry, Agronomy, Dairy Evaluation, and Wildlife.  

He has been involved in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts since he was 6 and has held several positions of leadership including Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Leave No Trace Behind Instructor, and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. Alex's fellow Scouts voted him into the Order of The Arrow and he has completed his Eagle Scout Project.


Senior Associate Vice President



Evan Houseman was elected the Senior Associate Vice President at the Annual Arizona DeMolay State Association Congress, virtually held on April 11th, 2020.


Evan has been a dedicated member of DeMolay in Arizona since he was 12 years old as a member of Chandler Chapter. Eventually, through much hard work and dedication, he was elected to serve as President of his Chapter, and during the past year, he enjoyed serving as the Junior Associate Vice President of DeMolay in Arizona. Now Evan is ready to tackle his term as Senior Associate Vice President and is proud to serve and carry the lessons he has learned through his experiences with him in his daily life.


Evan has earned many awards through his DeMolay career, including the coveted Past Chapter President Meritorious Service Award for completing all of the requirements for a successful term as the leader of his Chapter. 


Outside of DeMolay, Evan has recently graduated high school and is currently preparing to pursue college where he plans on getting his Associate's Degree and then applying to the Air Force Academy. He is excited to see what this following year has in store for him, and cannot wait to work alongside his fellow DeMolay and friends.



Junior Associate Vice President



Nolan Dosch was elected the Junior Associate Vice President at the Annual Arizona DeMolay State Association Congress, virtually held on April 11th, 2020.

In November of 2013, at the age of 12, Nolan began his journey in DeMolay by becoming a member of Paradise Valley Chapter and immediately began making lifetime friendships with members whom he continues to learn from. As his involvement in his Chapter increased, he found himself becoming more energized and motivated by the many accomplishments of the Chapter and its membership.

As his Chapter relocated to Sun City, becoming the Valley of the Sun Chapter, Nolan remained an active member and, on March 7th, 2020, was elected President of his Chapter. As he has risen through the ranks, he has come to value the core values of DeMolay such as loyalty, friendship, respecting elders, and tolerance as key aspects of what he carries with him throughout his daily life.

Currently, Nolan is a senior in high school maintaining a 3.0 GPA, joining the acapella choir, and joining his school's National Art Honors Society. He maintains a positive attitude and strives to be the driving motivation behind any project that he is involved in. He is looking forward to growing with his friends in DeMolay.


Youth Relations Coordinator



Allyson Liguori was elected the Youth Relations Coordinator at the Annual Arizona DeMolay State Association Congress, virtually held on April 11th, 2020.

Allyson was born in New York in 2002 and moved to Arizona in 2005, where she has lived since. Having recently graduated High School, Allyson plans to continue her education by attending university in the Fall of 2020.


In high school, Allyson was involved in numerous clubs on campus. She was president of Speech and Debate and competed in the impromptu and poetry categories. She was also involved with the National Honor Society and Interact Club. Her hobbies include reading, photography, and embroidery. 

Allyson has been very active in youth programs, joining Job’s Daughters in 2014. Since that time, she has been active in the youth community including service as the leader of her local unit and chair of a state committee. In 2015, Allyson joined another youth organization for young women and served as a Grand Officer and leader of their Glendale Assembly.


Allyson started her journey in DeMolay when her brother joined the Arizona DeMolay Squires Program, which is a program for young men aged 9 to 11. She eventually became Vice Youth Relations Coordinator at Paradise Valley DeMolay in 2016, where her love for the DeMolay grew. Since then, she served as a Vice Youth Relations Coordinator and Youth Relations Coordinator at Glendale Chapter. 

Event Planning


vice Youth Relations Coordinator



Amalie Giarrusso was elected the Vice Youth Relations Coordinator at the Annual Arizona DeMolay State Association Congress, virtually held on April 11th, 2020.

Amalie is active at school with cheerleading and volleyball and volunteers at Grace Fellowship Church, serving with the children’s ministry for the past year. She is a member of the youth and teen ministry and has traveled with her church to California and Northern Arizona for leadership and development. Amalie is also a member of Boy Scouts of America and is a chartering member of the all-girl Troop #3448 in Buckeye. 


In 2015, Amalie joined a young women’s organization, Job’s Daughters International where she has served as her unit's local leader and as Jr. Miss Arizona Job’s Daughter. It was her interaction with DeMolay at statewide events and the impression the mission and core values of DeMolay left on her that she decided to become involved. Since then, Amalie has completed various leadership tests and benchmarks to earn her spot on the leadership team this year.

Outside of DeMolay, Amalie enjoys kayaking, exploring the Arizona backcountry, riding horses, spending time with friends, and driving with the windows down while listening to Disney classics.


Chief Executive Officer



Basic Role

When DeMolay International expanded beyond the borders of the United States of America, the governing body of DeMolay was renamed to "The International Supreme Council" (ISC). For everything that DeMolay wants to change or add, it must be approved by the ISC.

But where does the CEO come in?

DeMolay is organized into Jurisdictions, which may be either entire states or parts of states, provinces, territories or countries. Each Jurisdiction has its own CEO. The CEO is the Jurisdictions official representative to ISC. 


So what does he do?

The Executive Officer runs his Jurisdiction, which includes duties like the establishment of new "Chapters," the appointment of DeMolay adult advisors, state DeMolay functions, and anything that is covered by the ISC by-laws.


CHIEF Executive Officer in a nutshell

"Dad" Bill Gordon is the Executive Officer for the entire state/jurisdiction of Arizona. He ensures that all things DeMolay run smoothly in Arizona and is the appointed representative for Arizona at the International Supreme Council.