State Officers

Experience through service


State President


Christopher R. Weber was elected the State President at the Annual Arizona DeMolay State Association Congress on April 13th, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ.


Christopher joined DeMolay back in October 2015 as one of the first members of Chandler Chapter. Although still rather new, he quickly stepped up into leadership roles in his Chapter, soon becoming the Chapter President from January 2017-January 2018. His leadership led him to serve at the Senior Associate Vice President and State Vice President prior to this year. Christopher’s commitment earned him Representative DeMolay, multiple awards for membership, and the Past President’s Meritorious Service Award.


Christopher is currently attending Chandler-Gilbert Community College and taking classes towards an Associate's Degree in Nursing. Following this, he plans on transferring to Arizona State University to finish and graduate with his Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Christopher also works at Banner University Medical Center Phoenix as a patient transporter, loving the opportunity to help people and advance his career in the medical profession.


As State President, Christopher plans on focusing on the members: growing the State Association and providing for the needs of the Chapters. Being his last year as an Active DeMolay, Christopher plans on using it to give the members an exciting term.


State Vice President



Dawson Zaucha was elected the State Vice President at the Annual Arizona DeMolay State Association Congress on April 13th, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ.


Dawson Zaucha joined DeMolay in October of 2015.  Being a young man, at first, he felt nervous and unsure of what to expect, but he was quickly encouraged to contribute and find his leadership footing. Through the help of older and experienced DeMolay, Dawson was able to grow and help others grow as well from quiet introverts to confident leaders. He feels that in DeMolay, it is our duty to ensure that all of our members are being treated equal.


Dawson attributes DeMolay as a key factor in his successes in school and his extracurricular activities. In computer animation he has won two competitions for commercial creation, received third place in the Region 5, Skills USA Animation Contest, and has been instrumental in leading his marching band to the ABODA State Marching Band Festival two years in a row.


Through DeMolay, Dawson has learned many skills with never ending expansion and constant growth for young men. Dawson is always striving to help others grow and become the young men that they aspire to be like he has found through his time.


Senior Associate Vice President

AlexandeR Hulstrom

Alexander Hulstrom was elected the Senior Associate Vice President at the Annual Arizona DeMolay State Association Congress on April 13th, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ.


Alexander joined Chandler Chapter as it opened in 2015. Starting with five members, his assistance and dedication to growth helped it to grow to over thirty members.


As a member of Chandler Chapter, Alexander has actively contributed to the growth and development of his Chapter into the one of the largest in the State Association. His efforts garnered him the Representative DeMolay Award and elevated him to President of Chandler Chapter.


Alexander credits DeMolay for contributions in his personal life including the study skills helping him maintain a high achieving Grade Point Average, earning him the Golden Scholars Award.


In his local Future Farmers of America Chapter, DeMolay leadership skills helped him as the  Committee Chairman of the Publicity Committee and as Chapter Historian. The dedication he learned in DeMolay helped him raise his show goat through multiple health problems to win the Reserve Champion in the Intermediate Novice Goat Showmanship Class at the Maricopa County Fair.


Alexander is very active in Cub Scouts and Scouts, holding several leadership positions, attending National Youth Leadership Training, being voted into the Order of the Arrow, and soon to be an Eagle Scout.


Alexander is excited to benefit the Arizona DeMolay State Association which he credits with the success he has found in his life.


Junior Associate Vice President

Evan Houseman

Evan Houseman was elected the Junior Associate Vice President at the Annual Arizona DeMolay State Association Congress on April 13th, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ.


Evan began his DeMolay career member at the age of twelve. Since then, he has risen through the ranks to eventually become the President of Chandler Chapter. Prior to serving as Chapter President, Evan was instrumental in assisting and growing the membership of Chandler Chapter as it began. Evan is proud to have taken a part in helping to develop Chandler Chapter into one of the largest in the State Association.


Through his time in DeMolay, Evan has participated in several leadership workshops that have helped him succeed as a leader for his Chapter and the State Association.


Throughout his career, Evan earned the Past President’s Meritorious Service Award, which is awarded to DeMolay Chapter Presidents for leading successful tenures across a variety of growth, fundraising, and management goals.


Evan prides himself on his efforts to ensure that all members feel like they belong and have a place in DeMolay, and he carries this philosophy with him as the Junior Associate Vice President.


Youth Relations Coordinator

Emily Zaucha

Emily Zaucha was elected the Youth Relations Coordinator at the annual Arizona DeMolay State Association Congress on April 13th, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona.


Emily was born in Los Gatos, California and lived in Sacramento until 2005 when she moved to Surprise, Arizona to start school and has lived there since. She graduated from Shadow Ridge High School and currently attends Estrella Mountain Community College studying Communications.


In 2011, Emily joined a young women’s organization, the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls holding many title up to the second-in-command at the state level. Emily started participating in DeMolay as the Glendale Chapter Associate Youth Relations Coordinator in 2014, later serving as the Youth Relations Coordinator for two years after that. Emily then pursued her love of the organization at the State Association.


Outside of DeMolay, Emily loves doing photography and interior design work, hiking, and going on adventures in nature.


Chief Executive Officer



Basic Role

When DeMolay International expanded beyond the borders of the United States of America, the governing body of DeMolay was renamed to "The International Supreme Council" (ISC). For everything that DeMolay wants to change or add, it must be approved by the ISC.

But where does the CEO come in?

DeMolay is organized into Jurisdictions, which may be either entire states or parts of states, provinces, territories or countries. Each Jurisdiction has its own CEO. The CEO is the Jurisdictions official representative to ISC. 


So what does he do?

The Executive Officer runs his Jurisdiction, which includes duties like the establishment of new "Chapters," the appointment of DeMolay adult advisors, state DeMolay functions, and anything that is covered by the ISC by-laws.


CHIEF Executive Officer in a nutshell

"Dad" Bill Gordon is the Executive Officer for the entire state/jurisdiction of Arizona. He ensures that all things DeMolay run smoothly in Arizona and is the appointed representative for Arizona at the International Supreme Council.

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Arizona DeMolay enforces a Zero Tolerance policy with regard to the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, hazing or bullying of any kind at any DeMolay function. Violations of risk management, youth protection, or prohibited substance policies will result in suspension or expulsion from DeMolay.