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Past State Presidents


94th State President

Brian N. Rouse, Glendale Chapter


93rd State President

Alexander Hulstrom, Chandler Chapter


92nd State President

Dawson Zaucha, Glendale Chapter

Chris Weber.jpg

90th State President (Acting) and 91st State President

Christopher R. Weber, Chandler Chapter


89th State President

Jared S. Replogle, Glendale Chapter

53rd International Secretary


88th State President

Chase W. Gordon, Glendale Chapter

51st International President

img_0017 copy.jpg

87th State President

Jared Truettner, Paradise Valley Chapter


86th State President

Chandler R. Gordon, Glendale Chapter

49th International President

Matthew Hartzell.jpg

85th State President

Matthew Hartzell-Robbins, Scottsdale Chapter


84th State President

Timothy Dougherty, Paradise Valley Chapter

Alex Reece_edited.jpg

83rd State President

Alexander Reece, Scottsdale Chapter


82nd State President

Johnny Weismann, Scottsdale Chapter


81st State President

Kevin Downs, Glendale Chapter

Jonathon Eb.png

80th State President

Jonathan Ebertshauser, Scottsdale Chapter

79th State President

Ryan Garn, Arizona/De Anza Chapter

78th State President

Kris Nance, Glendale Chapter

77th State President

Justin Schassler, Glendale Chapter

76th State President

John Stum, Arizona Chapter

75th and 74th State President

Benjamin Hartnett, Arizona Chapter

73rd State President

Prescott R. Smith, Scottsdale Chapter

72nd State President

Brent Gambrell, Arizona Chapter

71st State President

Adam Saxton, Arizona Chapter


Brent Gambrell, Arizona Chapter

70th State President

Scott Brewer, Arizona Chapter

69th State President

Craig Ruenger, El Presidio Chapter

68th State President

Carey Burch, Arizona Chapter

67th State President

Jason Wilder, Yuma Valley Chapter

66th State President

Brian Conner, Glendale Chapter

65th State President

Paul Wade, Sunnyslope Chapter

64th State President

Todd E. Nolan, Sunnyslope Chapter

63rd State President

Johnny W. Chapman II, El Presidio Chapter


Todd E. Nolan, Sunnyslope Chapter

62nd State President

David W. Beal, Sunnyslope Chapter

61st State President

David E. Lawson, El Presidio Chapter

60th State President

Patrick Isbell, Yavapai Chapter

59th State President

Robert S. Brandt, Davis-Monthan Chapter

Bill Gordon PSMC.jpg

58th State President

William R. Gordon, Scottsdale Chapter

57th State President

Jeffrey D. Powell, Mountain Chapter

56th State President

Mark E. Boston, Glendale Chapter

55th State President

Alan L. Davis, Ajo Chapter

54th State President

Robert E. Steinbach, Old Pueblo Chapter

53rd State President

Baptist P. Martyr III, Glendale Chapter

52nd State President

Steven M. Davis, Ajo Chapter

51st State President

Ronald E. Brow, Glendale Chapter

50th State President

Michael R. Randall, Arizona Chapter

49th State President

Joel D. Mesik, El Presidio Chapter

48th State President

Biff Doughty, Bisbee Chapter


Mickie P. Nye, Stoner Chapter

William Miller

47th State President

William F. Miller, Tempe Chapter

46th State President

Randy W. Richter, Albert R. Buehman Chapter

45th State President

A. Knox Kimberly, Paradise Valley Chapter

44th State President

Thomas C. Leppert, Glendale Chapter

43rd State President

James Vance, Paradise Valley Chapter


Robert A. Jenner, Jr., Tempe Chapter

Jim Miller.jpg

42nd State President

James G. Miller, Scottsdale Chapter

41st State President

R. Kent Morehead, Paradise Valley Chapter

40th State President

Robert G. Moore, Phoenix Chapter

39th State President

Kent W. Schwarz, Mesa Chapter

38th State President

Dale Deratany, Glendale Chapter

37th State President

Christopher Price, Ajo Chapter

36th State President

Robert J. Berrier, Scottsdale Chapter

35th State President

Richard R. Hall, Bisbee Chapter

34th State President

Ronald Ryan, Palo Verde Chapter

33rd State President

David Cox, Sunnyslope Chapter

32nd State President

Ronald L. Sheridan, Stoner Chapter

31st State President

John F. Switzer, Ajo Chapter

30th State President

James F. Aiello, Globe Chapter

29th State President

James Musgrove, Yavapai Chapter

28th State President

Jack L. Atkinson, Old Pueblo Chapter

27th State President

John C. Shaw, Stoner Chapter

26th State President

L.D. Hagen, Kingman/Stoner Chapter

25th State President

Stewart Hood, Phoenix Chapter

24th State President

Bion Laubscher, Arizona Chapter

23rd State President

Samuel A. Brown, Phoenix Chapter

22nd State President

Jack Franklin, Arizona Chapter

21st and 20th State President

Jerry M. Stewart, Phoenix Chapter

19th-15th State Presidents

Association Adjourned for WWII

14th State President

J.W. Stuerner, Safford Chapter

13th and 12th State President

Gordon Johnson, Globe Chapter

11th State President

Tom Pierce, Safford Chapter

10th State President

Tom W. Embleton, Arizona Chapter

9th State President

James C. Blaine, Phoenix Chapter

8th State President

William G. Downey, Arizona Chapter

7th State President

Wesley S. Hammond, Globe Chapter

6th State President

Noel S. Jones, Phoenix Chapter

5th-2nd State President


1st State President

Clinton K. Royce, Arizona Chapter

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