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Our Mission

Let's Face Facts

The world is not the same place that it was a few years ago. College and the need for higher education dominate society at a time when education costs are rising and "experience required" is listed next to every job opening. Now more than ever, Arizona's youth need a way to set themselves apart as leaders who are assets to any college or job that they apply for.


DeMolay in Arizona prides itself on providing tangible learning experiences to young men ages 12-20 in an environment that focuses on family, friendship, and leadership. We open opportunities for our members to gain skills and experiences that they'll need when it comes time to interview for a job or apply for college. By using fun to encourage self-development, our members grow their leadership skills and gain that intangible "X-Factor" that sets our members apart from the rest of the field.

Let's Face Facts

What We Do

Whatever you want!


Recognizing that young men learn best when having fun, we focus our program on an experience-through-action concept where the members themselves choose what events they participate in. Our members conduct business-style meetings at least once a month to decide as a group what interests them. This often takes the form of a social event such as a video game night or in serving the community by holding events such as visiting veterans homes. After that, it's up to the members themselves to work with our dedicated and safety-trained Advisors to fund raise and execute the event. 


Our members are hands-on with every aspect of their organization, and this includes selecting which members among them serve as leaders or event planners. This process helps encourage leadership from even the shyest of members, leading to a productive and community-driven organization that is fun and family friendly for all members.

What We Do


Safety first, Always

EVERYONE that interacts with our members has been through a rigorous safety course and National Background Check to ensure that those who work with our youth are the best possible. There is repeated training every year to ensure that we are up-to-date on our knowledge of safety.


The best part: 90% of all of our Advisors are parents of our membership! One of our morals is family, and we build a learning culture together. Don't just watch your son grow...experience it together.

Safety First



You've Got Questions

We've got answers! By now you have questions that you need answers to, and we have personable staff members that want to hear from you. We will connect you with any resources that you need, and then we can get your son started on his DeMolay journey with you.

Let us answer your questions

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