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Core values

A DeMolay....

By emphasizing respect for others, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to helping the community, demolay creates an environment where every young man can succeed and grow.

Our 3 Pillars


DeMolay is a network of individuals who are unique in their own ways. We have members who play sports, who participate in robotics competitions, and those who love to play video games. By connecting these groups together DeMolay encourages growth and the development of friendships that can last a lifetime. 


Whether it be through helping the community, visiting another DeMolay "Chapter" or if it's just hanging out after a meeting, DeMolay makes friendship a primary focus everywhere we go, and in everything that we do.


Being in DeMolay is a family, and it goes so much farther than just your son. Almost all of our members come back when they are adults with their own sons, and the legacy continues. How else could we have built such an incredible base of support?


DeMolay members have an entire network of current and past members that care about their success, and we work to unite current members with Alumni every chance that we get.


Through good times and bad, DeMolay is a family and you will never be without yours anywhere in the world.


At the heart of our program, DeMolay is dedicated to training the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. Through a hands-on program, we encourage our members to grow and lead in their schools, homes, and communities. 


DeMolay offers an unparalleled program of advancement where the members can determine how far they go. Members can be the President of the local "Chapter," go on to serve as the President of all DeMolay operations in Arizona, or just have fun!


Regardless of how each member chooses to pursue their journey, DeMolay develops confidence and the intangible skills needed to succeed in today's world.

The World isn't waiting...why should your son?

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