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In February 1921, Arizona became a jurisdiction under the guidance of the Grand Council of the Order of DeMolay.  Fast forward 100 years and DeMolay in Arizona celebrates this historic milestone by offering a limited supply of minted Coins and Pins.

Due to Covid-19 distribution of these items for sale have been significantly limited.  The decision has been made to make them available to the public at large, until quantities run out, recognizing we have Advisors, Members and Senior DeMolays around the world who collect these items.

The Centennial Coin:

The front of the coin was designed to represent the Grand Canyon separated by the Colorado River.  The lone cactus, a staple of life in Arizona.  Rising above the canyon are the colors of the Arizona flag and along the bottom, the words, "Ditat Deus," Arizona's motto which means, "God Enriches"

The back of the coin replicates the Scottish Rite building (From a 1921 picture) located and still standing off Scott & E. 12th St., in Tucson, AZ, thought to be the only Masonic building old enough to house the first DeMolay meeting in 1921.  The DeMolay emblem used in 1921 is replicated and surrounding the coin are the seven cardinal virtues of a DeMolay.

Coins are available for $15.00 each, including shipping. All proceeds benefit the Arizona DeMolay Foundation and the perpetual fund to keep DeMolay thriving into the next century.

The Pin







The lapel pin is 1.25 inches, and very traditional defining the very best aspects of the Centennial year. On the 1921 side, the DeMolay emblem used in that era.  On the 2021 side, the currently used DeMolay emblem.  At the very top, the newest logo used by DeMolay International which can be and is customized to the jurisdiction.  The seven cardinal virtues take up the middle portion and the Arizona motto sits along the bottom.

Pins are available for $10 each, including shipping.  All proceeds benefit the Arizona DeMolay State Association and current events surrounding the celebration of the Centennial year.



Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of any order.




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