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Graduation Celebration


Grand Lodge of Arizona, F&AM
Offers a scholarship for $1,000/Semester for 12 Credits/Semester and a minimum 2.50 GPA after your first semester. Scholarship applications are available through the Lodge Secretary at the Lodge the member meets. Applications must be submitted to the Lodge Secretary by May 1st of each year. Generally, you will be notified in July of each year, if you were awarded a scholarship. Ask your local Lodge Secretary for an application.

Arizona Grand Chapter, Order of Eastern Star

Offers a scholarship for varying amounts for 12 Credits/Semester and a minimum 2.50 GPA after your first semester. Eligible for renewal each semester. Application are due June 15th and January 15th of each year. Application can be secured HERE.

Southern Jurisdiction, Scottish Rite

Offers a variety of scholarship for varying amounts.

Application period is January 20th - April 20th of each year.  Application can be secured HERE.

Arizona DeMolay Foundation Community Initiative

Offers several scholarships for a minimum of $1,000.

Available to low-income families meeting certain

income standards as required by the AZ Charitable
Tax Credit program. Application is due by June 1st

of each year.  Application can be secured HERE.

DeMolay Foundation

Offers the Frank S. Land Scholarship for 1 year varying amounts, typically up to $3,000. May apply each year if not 21 years old by April 15th of the year of the award. Applications available HERE.

Glendale Masonic Lodge, F&AM

The scholarship information and application can be obtained from the Lodge Secretary. Email at:

Priority goes to the youth meeting at Glendale Lodge

but is open to all Masonic Youth to apply.

Sun City Masonic Lodge, F&AM

Sun City has a grant program, so it is not restricted to just college attendance. The application and expectations can be found HERE.  Application must be submitted by June 1st.

Intl. Representative DeMolay Competition,

Sponsored by the Scottish Rite and run by DeMolay International, providing two competitor brackets for Active DeMolay in 10th Grade and below, and 11th Grade and above. The Executive Officer will nominate the name of an Active DeMolay who has completed their Representative DeMolay to the regional interview stage. The winners, one

for each bracket, in the region will move forward to an international interview. Regional winners will take home

$300 and international winners can win an additional $1,200. May only win once per competitor bracket. Complete your Representative DeMolay and you will have a chance to be entered into the Competition!

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