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Location:  At your home Chapter


Date/Time: January - March, 2020 during your State Officer Visitation


STEP 1 - "I Want To Compete!"  - Registration is now closed.

STEP 2 - Prepare to Compete - Once you have registered at the link above, you need to study and commit your part(s) to memory.  A majority of your competition score is based upon your perfection in repeating the words exactly as they are written in our ceremony book.  A smaller portion of the score is based on how your deliver the part with emotion and inflection.

Word efforts, per word, cost you 5 points each.  You can win-back 1 point each time a judge enjoys your inflection or emotion.

Chapter Visitation Schedule

January 5th- Phoenix Chapter

January 14th- Saguaro Chapter

January 19th- Arizona/Cochise Joint Visit (At Arizona Chapter)

February 9th- VOTS & Glendale Chapter (At Glendale Chapter)

February 16th - Walter L. Page Chapter

February 20th- Chandler Chapter

March 1st - Aztlan Chapter



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DeMolay in Arizona enforces a Zero Tolerance policy with regard to the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, hazing or bullying of any kind at any DeMolay function. Violations of risk management, youth protection, or prohibited substance policies will result in suspension or expulsion from DeMolay.