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Proceed at Your Own Pace

Specific Competition Rules










Competitor Registration Form



Image by Denise Jans


Prepare To Compete - You need to study and commit your registered part(s) to memory.  A majority of your competition score is based upon your perfection in repeating the words exactly as they are written.  A smaller portion of the score is based on how your deliver the part with emotion and inflection.

Word errors, per word, cost you 5 points each.  You can win-back 1 point each time a judge enjoys your inflection or emotion.

Competition Levels -   A competitor must start at the "Copper Category," and complete all competitions successfully before moving to the next level. Within each category, competitors can submit in any order.


Pocket awards are sent to the Chapter for presentation upon completion of each level for immediate presentation.

Copper Category:
Initiatory Degree Proficiency
DeMolay Degree Proficiency

Canyon Level:
1st Preceptor
2nd Preceptor
3rd Preceptor

Legends Level:
4th Preceptor
5th Preceptor
6th Preceptor
7th Preceptor
Either the Ceremony of Light or Flower Talk



Please email: Competition Director

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